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Posted on 2003.09.17 at 23:49
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Aya.. I'm sorry, okay?

He'll be outta here tomorrow night.

Schu, you hear that? You and Nagi -gotta- talk now. I gave you the chance I could.. but... I'm not going to deal with a pissy kitten because of you. You're my friend... but I love Aya.


So no need for everyone to get all.. pissy.

I'm tired of this, I'm serious.

Nagi needs to go HOME. No offense to Nagi.. or Omi. But he is not Weiß. He is still Schwarz. And the only way we're getting the rest of Weiß back is if Nagi goes home. Again, no offense Nagi, but I want Ken back. He's my teammate, and you aren't. I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm tired of this. I want my team back to normal, and I'm tired of the shit that's been going on.

Dammit, Ken. I miss you.


Oh, and Aya... how long as this bet been going? I don't think there's been a winner yet, ne?

Yeah. Doubt you're in the mood for a bet anymore.

Seems like Kudou Yohji's on no ones' good side.

Maybe there is no Weiß...



Fujimiya Aya
abyssinian_rose at 2003-09-18 10:06 (UTC) (Link)
It's Nagi's choice. If he doesn't want to go back, I won't make him.

By the way, using another friend as a bargaining chip is not something -I'd- think a friend would do to a person. If he wanted to talk to Nagi so badly, why didn't he just talk to you about it in the first place if you're such good friends?

After all, we're not MAKING Nagi stay here--he's here of his own will. There's no reason to hold one of -our- team hostage so that we'll be forced to "give Nagi back". A person can't give back something that they don't possess to begin with.

Things like -that- are why I don't like him.
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