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Posted on 2004.01.07 at 22:50
Ah, I've been putting this off waaaay too long.

This rp is dead. I'm sad to see that it went and I clung to it for as long as I possibly could. It's sad that an RP like this one died when it had possibility. It's even sadder than some of us don't talk to one another like we used to. Sad, but I'm not sorry for this. Things change, people change, and sometimes, you can't stop it.

This journal has been pegged for another RP which will be starting shortly. Please remove this from the other Tauschung RP journals as a new game will be starting here. Most parts are already filled.

If you care to follow the new RP that's being developed, please look to weiss_rebirth. It's set post-Gluhen and looks to be interesting, especially if you've had the chance to see all of Gluhen. ^_^

And I will miss this RP [most of it] and the people involved. I'm still on AIM. I do like talking, though I'm not always talkative. NekoYotan and no one in this RP was blocked from that name.

It was good while it lasted.



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